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forwarder alibabas often consolidate smaller shipments from multiple clients into a single larger shipment, a process known as freight consolidation or groupage. This practice reduces shipping costs and increases efficiency by maximizing the use of available transport space. It is particularly beneficial for small and medium-sized businesses that may not have enough cargo to fill an entire container.

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forwarder alibabas organize the shipment of goods by finding the best routes, schedules, and modes of transport to meet their clients' needs. They consider factors like cost, transit time, and the nature of the goods being transported.

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Impressed with the prompt and smooth handling of our air freight from Beijing to Los Angeles. Excellent customer service and follow-up.


Great communication and support throughout the shipping process. Our furniture reached London without any issues. Will use them again.

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Please send your rates and transit times for air freight from GuangZhou to London for 500 kg of elec...


We need assistance with customs clearance for a shipment of furniture arriving in Hamburg from Shenz...

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