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Shipping from China to Canada

        Friendship has specialized in shipping from China to Canada for over 10 years. If you have a shipping challenge, we have a solution! As a class A agent, our price are extremely favorable compared to our peers, and we can provide three channels according to customer needs:Standard Sea; Express Sea;Express Sea Plus. At present, our sea freight, air freight and express delivery services have covered all regions in Canada.

We have extensive experience shipping goods from China to Canada Amazon warehouses and private company addresses. You need not worry about paperwork and customs procedures, we will handle the problem on your behalf. 

In addition, we are not a company that only provides freight services. We provide high-quality supplier information, helping customers with product selection and sampling, quality testing, domestic warehousing services, product testing, etc.

With FriendShip as a partner, shipping goods from China to the United States will be much easier, you will only need to leave your goods with us, and we will do the rest. Friendship aims to be your best freight forwarder from China to the United States.

        You will get the best cost shipping from China to Canada by sea freightair freight.


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One-stop shipping options from China to Canada

Sea Freight Shipping from China to Canada

We can provide competitive ocean freight rates & the best shipping solutions from China to Canada, Cheapest sea freight Port to Port, Door-to-door service, shipping from China to Canadian destinations such as Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto, and more. Enjoy fast delivery within 25-35 days and receive tailored solutions.

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Air Freight Shipping from China to Canada

Offer Competitive Air Freight AIRPORT TO AIRPORT, DOOR-TO-DOOR shipping from China to Canada, 2-8 Working days delivery. Friendship is your best freight forwarding solution for air freight from China to Canada.

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Door to Door Shipping from China to Canada

Whether for personal or business needs, we can provide a door-to-door shipping service for you, efficient and safe deliveries from China to Canada, China's self-developed channel, time-saving and with competitive prices,contact us for better price now!

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Amazon Shipping from China to Canada

If you're an Amazon seller in canada, and you have a lot of goods to ship from China, finding a reliable freight forwarder partner is a must., Friendship will be your good choice, fully door to door delivery, Professional & Personalized Service.

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Cheapest Shipping from China to Canada

Shipping from China to Canada by Cheapest Sea Carrier, get the lowest shipping cost DDP Sea freight to your Canada address, please contact friendship, and you will get our best shipping rate from China to Canada, click here to know more details.

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How Long Shipping from China to Canada

Sea freight 25 to 45 days depending on your shipping port and destination port. Air freight 7 to 12 days depending on if it is a direct airline. Shipping Costs depend on your goods amount, shipping methods & shipping time.

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Your Best Freight Forwarder from China to Canada

Main advantages of our company

FriendShip is a 10-year-old modern logistics company, with the headquarter in Shenzhen, and branches home and abroad like Guangzhou / Dongguan/ Yiwu / Ningbo / Shanghai / Xiamen / Changsha / Hongkong in China, LA in US, London in UK etc

We fit friendship idea and Internet technology into logistics, to provide customers with friendly, high-performance and superior shipping services. And we also offer other value-added services like warehousing / insurance / inspection / sourcing / labeling / consolidation etc

1. As Class A freight forwarder, we provide competitive sea and air freight rates from China to Canada.

2. Charging shippers competitive local charges based on different trade terms to avoid complaints from them.

3. Professional document service and efficient responsespeed

4. Extensive experience in transporting sensitive and bulky cargo.

5. Ten years of DDP service, Amazon’s professional logistics service provider

6 .China Top 10 Global Freight Forwarder

7 .100+ Containers per Week

8 .Amazon Spn Member

9 .Alibaba Gold Supplier,SGS Verified

10 .1st Logistics Partner Choice to North America and Europe


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Besides, we have our self-developed logistics system, where you can get shipping prices, track status of shipment, analyse the shipping data. It is user-friendly and helpful to make logistics easier.

FAQ for Shipping from China to Canada

1.What is the fastest shipping from China to Canada?

The fastest shipping is by Express shipping like UPS, FedEx, and DHL, which usually takes about 2-5 working days for direct shipping from China to Canada, However, please note that Express shipping may require you to complete import custom documents and pay duties as per the Express shipping custom requirements.

2. What documents are required for Shipping from China to Canada?

When you send a package to Canada from China, you will be required to complete the custom clearance documents such as packing list and commercial Invoice, but don’t worry, because when you ship to Canada with us, this is all taken care of as part of our working process.

3.What is the Cheapest Shipping from China to Canada?

DDP sea freight from China is the most cost-effective shipping option to Canada. With a total delivery time of approximately 25-45 days, this method exempts you from paying any destination port fees. If you don’t need to receive the goods very urgently, you can choose the DDP sea freight to save your shipping cost.You can save up to 70% on shipping by comparing rates and services. Publish real-time shipping rates and save money every time you ship to Canada.

4.How Long does it take to Ship From China to Canada?

For Express Shipping, including DHL, UPS, FedEx, and TNT. It usually takes 3 to 5 business days from China to Canada, and it is the fastest way to ship to Canada.

For Air Freight. Takes about 7-12 business days but is limited to shipping to the airport only. It is more cost-effective than courier services and is ideal for transporting heavier goods.

For Sea Freight, usually takes around 25-45 days, However, the actual delivery time can be affected by various factors such as customs inspections, weather conditions, transport truck availability, and employment delays.

5.How much does it cost to ship from China to Canada?

Shipping costs depends on on the size of your package and how quickly you want it to get there, different ways of costs is not the same, and the cost would be increased in peak season after October each year.

Shipping from China to Canada
Shipping from China to Canada
Shipping from China to Canada

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