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The ocean freight has bottomed out!?

October 28,2022

Pay attention to the low shipping price

The Ocean Freight to the United States was up to $40,000 in the 4th quarter of last year, when sellers struggled with getting even one container in the market. However, this year, 2022, now the 3rd quarter is ending, while shipping prices have fallen from the sky to the ground. 10 times less than the beginning of this year. Can you believe it? It takes only 3K dollars a container from China to the US. It’s incredible that freight is now close to 2,000, a red line.


Many carriers have rapidly cut down their lines and containers, and they at the same time squeeze their profits. Many freight forwarders even ship goods at a loss to hold their customers. When profits are not enough to make a living for the company, taking a risk will become the final trick of some freight forwarders. So pay attention to the low shipping price,  OK?


Last year, freight forwarders played a role of god, sellers pray that freight forwarders could kindly give them one container. While in this year, sellers are the gods, the freight forwarders pray to be luckily shared 1 cbm cargo.


However, from of point of view, the price has bottomed out. With the approach of Christmas, the global trade accelerates, the freight rate will recover from the sharp decline.