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Artile On Presention

October 28,2022

Part 0

What a beautiful song? I am almost lost in it. It’s gorgeous. Auld Acquaintance, my old friend. Well what you heard is a song about friendship. Did you ever feel the friendship with your girls and boys around? And what does friendship really mean?


Part 1

What is friendship?

Would you like to hear my answer?
Here FriendShip is our name, it’s you and me. FriendShip is a freight forwarding company. My goodness, everyone must have been lost in that song, and never be aware that it is a well-designed advertisement. Okay, since that you are coming here, can you give me a hand to finish my advertisement, sorry my presentation.

I know that most of you are sellers, importers. What’s your impression about freight forwarding?

It’s in a mess, it really sucks, it eats most of my profit, it ruined my business, I can’t stand my current freight forwarder, I can not even know where my parcel really is. It takes damn long time to get my shipment, one of them spent 3 months to arrive at door. It’s a damn trouble for my selling. Those are the complaint from lots of sellers around me.
How did it happen? What can we do to get ride of all these troubles and headaches?
Well, wait a minute? Which company did you work with? Have you heard about FriendShip?
Yes, I heard the song of friendship. Oh, forget about it. We are now talking about FriendShip Logistics


Part 2

FriendShip is a modern global freight forwarding company, based in Shenzhen China, having branches in Guangzhou, Dongguan, Yiwu, Shanghai, Ningbo, Changsha. It’s been 9 years now since 2013.
Here’s our logo. What do you see from this logo?
Let me tell you, there are five
1 Hieroglyph, see that F, and S
2 Tai Chi Spirit, expresses confidence, tolerance, harmony, morality
3 Rotundity, it is the symbol of perfection, harmony, eternity
4 complementation, (without either of them, it would not be complete) it is the symbol of win-win and friendship culture
5, it is actually a ship shape. Symbol of logistics trade, expert and focus.

OK, is it interesting? It’s a simple logo, but it takes a lot.


What do we sell? What are our products?
Our products are airplane, ship, railway. You must crack up. Those are the tools. We haveair,sea,train, express to worldwide countries, the main markets are north America and Europe, such as the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom Germany etc. Mostly we offer door to door services of ddu and ddp for our friends, which means you don’t have to do anything but watch your tv at home, without leaving your chair, or get up from the sofa. One click from our website or contact our sales representative with a word “money, goods, move”, you will get your parcel move from here. We are gonna get all paper work prepared, pick up goods from factory, book the container, load them on board, unload them at port, get them through customs, get duty and vat paid, pick up from port of discharge, delivery them at your door. By the way, it is not the end. If you have other requirement on your whole supply chain, from sourcing, packing, labeling, inspection, warehousing. We will give you the hands. No problem. So generally, we are working as a Chinese Partner of your business, but not a freight forwarder.

Part 3

People say, I have lots of freight forwarders girls and boys from the internet. They come say hello to me every day. I have no idea how many freight forwarders there are in the world. They are like the spies who can find me anywhere. And I really don’t know how to choose. What makes you FriendShip different from other ff?
It’s interesting. FF is short for freight forwarder from others, but FF is freight friend here.
Let’s get back to the business,
FriendShip has served over 20,000 clients yet, and we have satisfied them from every aspect.
There are 4 parts to see the differences, the strengths.
1 Friend Proj
2 Friend Tech
3 Friend Data
4 Friend Idea


Friend Project, we have the special lines of air and sea to north America and Europe. We integrate every part of the supply chain, provide pick-up, warehousing, inspection, to international transport, custom clearance, local delivery and sourcing. Our global carrier network allows us to offer excellent door to door service of ddu and ddp. People who have different requirements, whatever cost-effective, fast delivery, stable transport, we have logistics products to match your requirements. One more thing, ourPPTTAssurance gives your goods safeguard from every aspect. It is short for Product Assurance, Payment Assurance, Time Assurance, Transport Assurance. For product assurance, we’d make random check for 10% of the products at our warehouse once them come. For Payment Assurance, we are the gold supply on Alibaba, have Alibaba Trade Assurance, and also PayPal and Payoneer. For Transport Assurance, there will be compensation for any lose or damage here. For Time Assurance, we will guarantee delivery in time. If it is finally postponed, you will get relevant compensation.

And Friend Tech, we have our own logistics platform, where clients could get track, shipping price online. Our WMS makes sure every shipment goes out smoothly. It also serves as a dash board for clients. They will see how many shipments orders they have made, the cargo volume, sales situation.

Friend Data, combined with our platform, and the resources of sellers and buyers ( the supplier and importers) we have a database. With that, you can easily find the relevant required sources.

Friend Idea, well that’s the business culture, soft power. FriendShip, help friend ship the dream. We attach great importance to friendship between clients and us. Long term friendship, long term cooperation. Client is our friend. And it is sincere friend.You are my bro, Tom is here!

Part 4

I get a final question today, what is the recent hot news you are following. The Ukraine-Russia War. The world is crazy since 2020. Lots of things happened, the coronavirus, the Brexit, the China-Us trade war. Those have brought global trade with big uncertainty. And we are in logistics as the bridge between supplier and importer. We have seen ups and downs of logistics, see good and bad things. And we know what sellers really need on global supply chain, and surely know the importance of a good freight forwarder.
FriendShip has been good, and we are trying our best to be better on international logistics. Hope we could build the long term friendship.Should Auld Acquaintance be forgot? No, we shouldn’t.
Thank you for listening.


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