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ONE COMPETENCE-Covid Test Positive

Publish Time: 2022-09-29 Views: 9

Before a large cargo ship of ONE COMPETENCE docked at Korea Busan Port on its way to China, some crews tested positive on coronavirus, leading to the bad suspension lately. ONE scheduled originally to arrive at Shanghai port on July 23, while the ETA has been changed to August 6. It has a total capacity of 8,110 T E U, with containers of HPL, ZIM etc. Of course, the necessary action had been taken by ONE. Anyway, we will keep an eye on the news next.

Well, you know, Zero-Covid (also called FTTIS, means Find, Test, Trace, Isolate and Support) in China will last until March 2023. Coupled with the current political instability between China and the United States, and the sign of another trade war, it is expected the shipping price will be extremely high in the coming peak season from end of August, and transit time will not be stable.
In conclusion, it is really recommended to place the orders and ship the goods as soon as you can.