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CCX, Goodbye

Publish Time: 2022-09-29 Views: 44

The latest news from Matson, CCX Line to Auckland steps off the stage of history. The last vessel of CCX is gonna sail out from Ningbo on Sep 6th, and then from Shanghai on Sep 8th. It’s the last one in history. We are gonna say good bye to CCX. No CCX forever!

maton ccx

Matson's official website did not say a word on specific reason. But without doubt, this is a strong proof of the decline on Sino-US Trade Volume.
As I think, there are four reasons for Matson’s action.
No1 High Empty Container Rate; No2 Lower Demand for Fast boats in the Market; No3 Decreasing Market Shipping Rate
The latest date from FBX shows that, the freight rate of containers from China to L.A fell sharply by 6% to $5,419/FEU on last Friday
No4 Cargo Volume Decreasing


As sellers, what do you think of the suspension of CCX?
After CCX stops, Matson's cargo will be loaded on CLX and CLX+ routes. It will cut down lots of operating costs. At the same time, it reduces the whole spaces and we are very likely to see higher freight rate of Matson in the coming future.