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FriendShip’s intermodal program puts sea and air shipping together, saving the straight air freight, and holding the reasonable time. It also enables you to cut down the destination port extras and warehousing.

It is realizable to move the cargo up to half transit time of ocean, and half cost of air with FriendShip shipping care.

Each intermodal shipment stays integrated in our international network, getting FriendShip’s customer care from start to end.

When you need a cheaper shipping solution which is faster than sea alone, combining the air and ocean is usually the answer.  

Intermodal brings greater flexibility, bigger capacity, more reliable delivery cycles, and a significantly reduced carbon emission. Our intermodal service specialists use proven best practices to design and manage domestic road and rail supply chains. We operate a cross-border business and offer you all the support services that industry leaders can expect, from customs brokerage operations to cross-border docking, integration, anti-integration and reverse logistics.


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