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Learn To Be Simple And Curious, KAKAO FRIENDS

Publish Time: 2022-09-30 Views: 26

KAKAO FRIENDS was a successfully registered brand on December 21,2016; Kakao Talk, a Korean mobile chat kit, was followed by a series of IP derivatives.
It’s a life entertainment brand that reconsiders and presents a variety of items and spaces to create an enjoyable everyday life.

In May 2017, KAKAO FRIENDS and skincare brand Kyan offer limited edition skincare products, The product adopts cartoon appearance design is the FRODO and NEO image set by lovers in KAKAOFRIENDS; In June, Home Plus works with popular brand KAKAO FRIENDS to launch several cartoon character beach towels, KAKAO FRIENDS character-themed beach scarves, sunshade hats and other products, KAKAO FRIENDS theme beach towel includes 4 hoodies for children and 3 for adults with 7; In September, Korean makeup brand The Face Shop x Kakao Friends launched a cooperative makeup, skin care products, Product main tone Ryan hoodie with the same sky blue, The collection includes eye shadow, lip makeup products, body lotion, moisture creams and other products.

In 2018, South Korea's "instant coffee" Maxim and Kakao Friends peripheral, Four limited edition instant coffee models; In December, Lotte Hotel World and KAKAO FRIENDS jointly launched the "KAKAO FRIENDS Special Rooms"; On the 22nd of the same month, KAKAO FRIEND's first official store, Apeach Cafe, Tokyo, opened; In December, Kakao Friends has opened its first overseas store, Tokyo store has 350,000 visits a month, Turnover met 144% of the expected target.
In 2019, Japanese design studio Nendo joined hands with Kakao Friends to design a smart home products line called "Kakao friends homekit", including body weights, thermometers, alarm clocks, humidifiers, air
“We like the idea of FriendShip, which is similar to us. We are all doing products and services with the ideal of innocence and honesty. In the process of our product internationalization, we provide solid hardware and pave the way.

FriendShip is a modern shipping to where it should be. In fact, the reliability of the FriendShip is able to give me delivery within a scheduled date and always keep all in stock. Its success is certain because of its technical support and fantastic teamwork.

They gave me the confidence to be able to do that. They give me a high quality reply over the weekend, and then I have a 24 / 7 platform where I can access the platform, and many thanks to them who gives me a super flexible working on supply chain.

After a month with FriendShip, we immediately switch all shipping to FriendShip because it gives you super low shipping quotes, real time tracking. It is a bit like a step by step notification service, so I can fully know where my cargo are. Some of our items belong to children's products and some are sort of dangerous goods with lithium-ion battery products, and FriendShip has helped me to ensure that all of my appropriate certificates once again allow for a smooth process. So far some went well and I am very grateful to FriendShip.”