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Keep Rapid Launch Out with international version — Keep

Publish Time: 2022-09-30 Views: 37

Keep is an app, launched on February 4, 2015, dedicated to providing one-stop sports solutions such as fitness teaching, running, cycling, making friends, fitness diet guidance, and equipment purchases. Keep has opened Keepland, an offline sports space, and released KeepKit series of smart hardware products. Keep is available in 15 languages, including Chinese, Korean, Japanese, French, German, and more. There are two products, Keeptrainer and KeepYoga, which are launched on Google Play and App Store, and operate overseas Ins and Facebook. Keep integrates big data and AI into sports, and uses AI algorithms and scientific technology to improve the user's sports experience and the accuracy of sports needs. After two years of product iteration, Keep has become a sports platform covering fitness, running, shopping malls, diet guidance, cycling, step recording, sports live broadcast and other functions.


At about 9 am on March 21, 2017, Apple CEO Cook appeared at the headquarters of the fitness application Keep, and Wang Ning, the founder and CEO of Keep, accompanied Cook to visit. Wang Ning shared his entrepreneurial story with Cook, and gave Cook a commemorative Keep yoga mat numbered "80,000,001", implying that Cook is the 80,001,000th user of Keep. During the exchange, Wang Ning said that Keep plans to launch an international version by the end of 2017, and Cook said that he is very willing to be the first user of the international version of Keep.
On August 13, 2021, Keep officially announced that the number of registered users exceeded the 100 million mark and successfully advanced to the echelon of 100 million mobile Internet clubs. Among hundreds of sports apps in China, the number of Keep users exceeded 100 million, making it the largest sports social platform in China

As a global sports technology company, Keep is always looking for a global market.

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